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The Difference Between Any Agent
and a Realtors® Marketing Plan

If you’re considering selling your home, the real estate market can seem overwhelming. But, it’s important to know not all real estate agents work the same way.

To sell your home fast and get the best offers, you need the right agent, someone who understands the role marketing plays in the home-selling process. Active Marketing Plan is a detailed, step-by-step outline of the proven marketing techniques our Local Experts will use if chosen to list your home for sale. Through these tactics, our experts do what other agents cannot — reach an untapped share of the market and drive multiple offers for your home. Leveraging print, digital, and direct mail marketing, this multi-faceted strategy is the key to selling your home fast, getting more offers, and driving your final selling price up.

The Four Pillars of Marketing Your Home

The Active Marketing Plan includes four pillars designed to reach the right people using geotargeting. That means your agent will focus all marketing and advertising efforts in key areas surrounding your home, ensuring we’re targeting those most likely to be interested in buying your home.

Home Value Marketing Plan Flow Chart

Advanced Lead Capture Technologies to Connect with Buyers

Each piece in your Local Expert’s marketing campaign features their dedicated, local phone number with built-in lead capture capabilities. Potential buyers can call or text this number using your home’s unique four-digit code to get a link to your property’s website and connect instantly. Once they click through to your site, buyers can access additional photos, details on your home’s unique features, and, most importantly, see an accurate and up-to-date asking price. Most importantly, your house won’t be competing with other homes for sale in the area or third-party advertising.

Price Your Home to Sell

Setting the right price for your home can mean the difference between a fast, profitable sale, and months without an offer. That’s why an accurate home valuation is one of the most important pieces in the home-selling puzzle.

Working with a Realtor®, you’ll receive an accurate, personalized home value consultation at no cost, even if you’re not ready to sell yet. Plus, your Local Expert can provide tips on boosting your home value to sell for more, as well as up-to-date information on your local market conditions.

Price Your Home to Sell

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